Privacy Policy

We do Not collect personal Data.
We are aiming ideal privacy and anonimity.

Connections to Mailnova are not logged

We intent by design to give the biggest privacy and anonymity to our users. No big companies should be aware of who they are spamming, neither do we need to know who is using our services. No logs (Ip, fingerprinting, etc...) on subscription and usage of our services.

Visitor tracking

We do not track our visitors, however for affiliate marketing purposes, we use only cookie, to know which account to reward, for having brought a new mailnova user.


We recommend you to use short username bases, that you could universaly use.
For example, if you chose "iam", you can use an unlimited variety of aliases like
[email protected]" for your personal address,
[email protected] for your travel related services,
[email protected] for your junkmail.
Creativity is your only limit.


We recommend you NOT to use any first name or last name for your username. If you do so, all your email aliases will always contain your information, and would be easier work for spammers or anyone trying to figure out your identity