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A security and privacy company, leaking physical identity of it's customers is simply unacceptable.

To support the privacy movement, we offerEncrypted mailboxes, for free*

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* Offer limited to 272 active accounts.


No Logs
We never log your IP, connections, canvas fingerprints.
GPG Encryption
We are providing Zero access encryption for your inboxes.
Automatic flush
Give your inbox emails a defined time limit
Be anyone
Create multiple emails and shapeshift with your identities
Crypto payments
As crypto is privacy, we accept only crypto currencies
No data
We only ask you for a username and a password to register. No emails sent.
Dynamic aliasing
Use on the fly email aliases, or configure your mailbox as a redirect filter
API calls*
Configure your inbox to trigger REST API calls
* Beta test features. for beta test program users only.


Own your multi privacy inbox
2 Privacy mailboxes
10 Privacy inboxes
100 Privacy mailboxes
Pricing is expressed in 1 off payment.
** Beta test program users can use their own domain

Free trial

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Towards transparency

As Mailnova is gaining more interest, we are currently rebuilding the web interface and moving to a Laravel / React stack.
As privacy is strongly connected to transparency, Mailnova will soon be open source and hoping to grow with the help of privacy enthusiast devs around the world.
Once on github, will be able to fork our repo for whatever purposes you will need.

Recommended PGP supporting clients

For a seamless experience, we recommend you to connect your IMAP / SMTP account to a GUI desktop client.
We tested some and recommend the following.

Thunderbird (Linux, Osx, Windows)

Open source project from Mozilla, Free

Mailmate (OSX)

Lightweight and dev oriented.
Closed source, Non free

Canary (OSX)

Sleek and great UI.
Closed source, Non free